About Us


Jeremy S. Musher, MD, DLFAPA, President and CEO

Dr. Jeremy Musher is a board certified psychiatrist and Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.  He has served in senior leadership positions in academic, corporate, and military medicine, including holding positions as Department Chairman, Residency Training Director, Vice President of a 500 bed tertiary care hospital, Owner and Medical Director of a large Behavioral Health Group Practice, Medical Director of one of the largest psychiatric emergency services in the country, and Chief Medical Officer for a large national psychiatric healthcare company.  He is a member of the APA Committee on RBRVS, Codes and Reimbursements and has represented the APA before the CPT Panel and the RUC. Dr. Musher provided psychiatric expertise surveying psychiatric units and hospitals under the Two Special Conditions of Participation for CMS for over 15 years. He continues to provide consultation and innovative solutions to healthcare organizations and leaders in a variety of settings.


Our Mission:

  • To assist organizations with strategic planning, and implementation of experienced-based solutions to improve quality and the bottom-line
  • To educate psychiatric healthcare professionals in coding and documentation that meets billing and regulatory requirements, in a real-world, focused way that maximizes efficiency and practicality.
  • To assist hospitals and other healthcare organizations in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements
  • To provide professional expertise, based on 30+ years of experience, to attorneys and law firms working with behavioral health organizations on a range of issues, including Medicare Fraud and Abuse, Regulatory Compliance, EMTALA, and HIPAA.
  • To advocate for persons with mental illness and substance abuse through the strengthening of administrative and corporate resources in organizations providing services to this population.