We continue to receive rave reviews from our physicians about the trainings you’ve been giving them on coding and documentation. They tell us that you make an incomprehensible subject clear and enjoyable. Quite an accomplishment! Thanks so much.

Thanks again for helping us with these medical staff issues. It’s been extremely helpful to have an external psychiatrist work with our hospitals’ medical staffs on peer review, compliance, and documentation issues. Our doctors have been very appreciative of the clear, supportive, and professional approach you’ve taken with them, and so are we.

We appreciate the confidential report you provided us. We’ll be implementing your recommendations, and I just wanted to pass along the thanks of the leadership at the hospital. They were impressed with how quickly you were able to assess the situation and clarify what the real issues were, and particularly how practical your recommendations were.
— Kathy Bolmer, PhD, Executive Vice President, Quality and Compliance, Psychiatric Solutions, Inc.

I just reviewed your report and found it to be the most comprehensive report and analysis that has been done at our hospital.
The staff is busy implementing your suggestions and preparing for our visit. I just thought I would let you know how impressed we all are with your work.
I’m sure we will be calling on you again in the near future.
— Bruce Shear, President/CEO, Pioneer Behavioural Health

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Musher in a wide variety of behavioral health consulting situations for over 20 years. Dr. Musher engages clients in very professional, open, and collegial ways. He identifies important issues quickly and helps clients develop strategies to address and resolve them. He is a talented teacher and is able to give feedback and suggestions in ways that can be heard and embraced. He is knowledgeable about professional standards and regulatory requirements. He consistently receives very positive feedback about the effectiveness of his work. Dr. Musher has provided valuable consultation to the National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems for many years, most recently, in clarifying issues related to professional standards in the CMS psychiatric hospital special conditions of participation and the seeking of deemed status.
— Kathleen McCann, RN, PhD, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems

As always, your findings, recommendations and insight are invaluable. You have the rare gift of being able to translate the theoretical into the doable.
— Robert Boswell, Senior Vice President, Pioneer Behavioral Health

Jeremy, I believe you have helped spark excitement among all disciplines in the inpatient child and adolescent department about change. I have witnessed the enthusiasm and excitement of the medical chief, administrator and nurse manager. They held a department wide meeting on Wednesday that went very well, was very well attended, discussion and brainstorming was encouraged, and I believe staff on that unit feel engaged about creating a best practice, multi-disciplinary team. Thank you for your leadership and facilitation with that group.
— Daniel B. Coffey, President and CEO, Acadia Hospital